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Benefit to your eyes – in a natural way

Dry eye syndrome is a fairly common disease that affects 5-6% of people in the world. The problem is more common amongwomen who are past menopause (6-10% of cases), and by far the most common in the elderly population (34%). This problem may seem trivial and harmless to people who don’t have problems with dry eyes , but it’s really a great source of frustration that can make life difficult. Therefore, Kowlanatur has launched Visum Natur, which is useful for alleviating many problems with inflamed eyes, including redness, burning or tired eyes and dry eyes due to a number of reasons. Visum Nature does not contain preservatives. The product is made of a completely natural ingredients, the key ingredients being plant extracts of Euphrasia or Eyebright, Arnica, Chamomile, White Bryonia, Rue and sodium phosphate and sodium chloride.

~ Why use Visum Natur ~

Eye drops are intended to soothe and prevent eye irritation, reduce redness of the inflamed eyes due to protracted visual efforts or external influences. In particular, we emphasize that Visum Natur should be used by those who have dry eyes as a result of decreased production of quality tears or as a result of decreased quantity of tears produced.

The symptoms
The symptoms are dryness, burning eyes, itching of the eye, tired eyes, redness and pain, sometimes blurred vision, pressure behind the eye, feeling as if there was something in the eye, like a grain of sand.

~ Who is it for? ~

Visum Natur customers are all those who experience some of the following symptoms:


Potential customers of Visum Natur are all those affected by low secretion of tears as a result of age – (pensioners) or sex (itis much more likely that women develop dry eye syndrome due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives and menopause) or certain diseases – (rheumatoid arthritis , diabetes and thyroid problems), being more likely to develop symptoms of dry eye, as well as those who have a problem with inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis), inflammation of the surface of the eye, entropion or ectropion, which may encourage the development of dry eye syndrome. In addition, potential buyers of Visum Natur are all those who do not have a problem with secretion of tears, but are subjected to rapid drying eyes due to lifestyle and work under the influence of wind, dry air, air contaminated by a variety of sources (house dust and industrial) and others. Also, Visum Natur is an asset to all those who continuously and intensively strained their eyes by long-term daily use of computers, as well as to drivers and driving professionals.

~ The doctor’s word ~

Dry eye syndrome or Xerophthalmia is a condition of  insufficient secretion of tears. Tears are necessary for lubrication, nutrition, fitness, and optical functions of the front surface of the eye, and for a clear vision. In addition, tears reduce the possibility of infection, they wash out foreign bodies from the eye and keep the surface of the eyes smooth and clear. By every blink of the eyelid, tears cover the front surface of the eye, that is, conjunctiva and cornea. Excess of the tears in the eye flows in small drainage tube in the inner corner of the eye, and further to the nasal cavity. In people with dry eye syndrome eye does not produce enough tears or the tears have a poor quality. Dry eye syndrome is a common and often chronic problem, particularly in elderly people.
People with dry eye syndrome may experience persistent symptoms of irritation, scratching or burning eyes, foreign body sensation in the eyes and blurred vision. Advanced dry eye syndrome can damage the front surface of the eye and blur vision seriously. Tears are the product of several glands in and around the eyelids. Production of tears tends to reduce with age, with a variety of medical conditions or as a side effect with certain medicines. External conditions such as wind or dry air or indoor – continued work on the computer and watching the monitor, can affect the amount of tears increasing their evaporation. When the normal tear production is reduced or when tears evaporate too quickly from the eye the symptoms of dry eye may develop. Tears are composed of three layers: oil, water and mucosa. Each component serves to protect and care for the front surface of the eye. Smooth oil layer prevents drying of the aqueous layer, while the function of the mucosal layer is to uniformly disperse tears over the surface of the eye. If the tears evaporate too quickly or are not scattered evenly over the cornea due to the lack of any of these three layers, the symptoms of dry eye may develop. The most common form of dry eye is insufficient amount of water layer in tears.

Glavni sastojak "SAL MARISA" - cvijet soli, najkvalitetnija je i najzdravija vrsti soli, brana ručno drvenom lopatom isključivo u ranim jutarnjim satima ili kasno navečer u danima bez vjetra.

~ The key market segments ~

Allergic conjunctivitis

The most common form of allergic conjunctivitis is a seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. It always occurs at the same time of year and is primarily attributable to the blooming of some plants, such as ragweed. It is an allergic response of conjunctiva to allergens from the environment. The main symptom of all forms of allergic conjunctivitis is itching, while all other symptoms, such as prickling and tingling are much less present. At the same time, allergic conjunctivitis is accompanied by respiratory system problems and reactions such as sneezing. The perennial allergic conjunctivitis has milder symptoms that last the whole year and because of its nature it’s harder to be properly diagnosed. It is caused by allergy to mites, animal hair and the likes. Visum Natur eye drops, which do not have undesirable side effects, are used in order to reduce the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis. They rapidly reduce allergic disorders, but since their effect lasts only several hours, they need to be applied several times during the day.

Inflammation of the eyelids – blepharitis

Blepharitis is the inflammation of the edges of the eyelids, and it is caused by an innate tendency to secrete more oils from glands in the eyelids. Blepharitis causes an uncomfortable burning sensation around the edges of the eyelids and results in red and swollen eyelid edges. Those with inflamed eyelids feel fatigue and heavy eyes, especially after a long ride, long work at the computer or reading.
Blepharitis can be recognized very easily: with a light pressure on the edge of the eyelid a thick secrete comes out. To diminish the disturbance, the edges of the eyelids should be cleaned every day with special solutions or wet compresses. It is possible to do so with 25 percent children’s shampoo, diluted with distilled water (three parts water to one part shampoo). A greater problem occurs if the clogged glands ducts become infected with bacteria that enhance the inflammation of the eyelid, and can flare up a sty. Continuous use of Visum Natur significantly reduces these symptoms. People suffering from blepharitis usually have oily skin around the eyes. Since oily facial skin is more common in men, because the secretion of fat emphasizes the hormone testosterone secretion (men have 17 times more of it than women), blepharitis is more common in men.

Workers in the open area

All employees who perform their work in the open air and under the influence of the wind and air, who are faced with a faster drying of the eye compared to other people who do not work or do not live in such conditions, are all potential users of Visum Natur. This is due to the fact that Visum Natur can compensate the insufficient amount of tears influenced by faster evaporation, and with the aim to wet the eye.

People with contact lenses

Visum Natur, thanks to its characteristics, allows those who wear all types of contact lenses to moisturize the eyes while the lens is in the eye, without damaging the lens, but reducing the eye irritation. This is especially important for those patients who have a solution that is used 2/3 of the time, and by continuous opening and closing it has lost its properties, so the
quality of hygiene and lens cleaning is questionable. In this case, the contribution of Visum Natur drops is crucial for hygiene of the eyes, as well as for a slower eye fatigue and dry eyes as a result of these or other additional pressure to the eyes. For example, when a person working on a computer rarely blinks, and therefore the eye gets less moisture, at the same time wearing lenses that are poorly cleaned because the solution had lost its properties – this is a very likely situation with people who wear lenses and work on a computer. Likewise people who wear lenses and work outdoors have a great possibility of faster drying and infection, and in this case, the use of Visum Natur drops is very efficient, easy and simple, without having to remove the lenses.

Industrial workers in plants

The companies in the industrial sector that particularly care about their employees, will as one of safety measures, and as a way of reducing the negative impact of dust on the health of workers, provide their employees Visum Natur drops. Particularly in the metal, wood and chemical industry, construction, but also in other industries, which use and perform various processes of metal processing, wood or surface protection by coloring, grinding and welding. We are referring to workers who perform tasks in conditions of polluted air by increased concentration of harmful effects. Visum Natur will help by using drops during or after working hours, to reduce or minimize damage done by introduction of harmful substances in the eye. Also, Visum Natur will thereby increase the quality of the working environment in production facilities. Having said that, motivation and efficiency in performing daily tasks will rise.

Computer users

In the last 15-20 years the use of personal computers has been intensified and with the many benefits that individuals have from their usage, negative effects and consequences have also been adopted. One of the negative effects of computer use are the so-called “dry eyes”. Working on a computer creates a non-physiological state, not because of some special and unwanted pathological effect of the screen, but primarily because of the length of work ahead. If we sat at the computer for a few minutes rather than several hours, there would be no interference. Research shows that more than 30 percent of people have dry eye disorders as a result of working on the computer. The reasons for this are reduced blink rate and evaporation of tears. The secretion of tears may be sufficient, but due to reduced blinking it is insufficiently distributed between the eyes. An average person blinks 20 to 25 times per minute under normal conditions, but when working at a computer the rate decreases four times, which after a few hours of work causes symptoms of dry eye and insufficient moisture of the eye. Therefore, every responsible employer who wants the workers to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes, and at the same time respects their workers and wants to improve their efficiency, will encourage the purchase of Visum Natur eye drops. This will be a way to stimulate the workers who start to use the eye drops and will, in turn, increase their productivity. It will send the message that employer cares about them, reducing discontent in employees as well as further adverse effects.


The elderly population and pensioners are affected by lower secretion of tears as a result of age. In addition, this condition may be exacerbated as a result of possible signs of other diseases or lifestyle (watching the TV). It is therefore important for pensioners to use Visum Natur and thus facilitate their dry eye syndrome.

Professional drivers

Just like those who spend a large amount of time at the computer, professional drivers and taxi drivers are prone to develop dry eye symptoms, experiencing eye strain at work, due to reduced blinking. Therefore, the use of Visum Natur enables them to keep the hygiene of the eyes, diminish the pressure of “red eyes” but also in terms of prevention of symptoms of any other chronic disorders or illness.