Alergen Contra

Alergen Contra

neutralizes dust mites and prevents their inhalation

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It prevents dust mites allergies

Alergen Contra is a product for people who have asthma or atypical dermatitis, and further for those allergic to house dust, that is to the presence of pollen, ragweed or other allergens in the room, that came from the environment. The product acts as a complementary therapy in a way that it helps prevent allergies caused by dust mites. It is a complementary therapy and it is used as an additional way to reduce exposure to allergens and prevent the occurrence of allergies caused by house dust mites. It reduces the level of dust mites and their impact efficiently, as well as the risk of developing bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis caused by house dust, etc. Dust mite allergens are found in their muscles and faeces, and all that is invisible to the eye. Dried faeces are inhaled, making us gradually more sensitive to them.

~ Why use allergen Contra ~

The use of this product ensures a long-term (3 months) reduction and neutralization of these allergens. When applied, it immobilizes allergens occurred in the treated site by creating a film or barrier and thus neutralizing the allergens. In this way, allergens can float in the air, which ensures reduction in the risk of their pulmonary aspiration. This product acts as one of the measures to reduce the exposure of the human body to allergens from house dust mites, which means it is used for:

1) the prevention of allergic diseases.
2) primary and secondary prevention for patients with excessive reactions to the Aero and contact allergens as adjunctive therapy, but also to prevent the development of allergic symptoms such as:
– Chronic rhinitis and conjunctivitis;
– Bronchial asthma (asthma)
– The atypical dermatitis caused by house dust


House dust mites, Dermatophagoides  pteronissinus are invisible to our eyes, because their size is only 0.2 to 0.3 mm. By. They resemble spiders by looks. They live on the layers of dead skin, fallen away from people or pets (dogs and cats). The
faeces they leave behind can cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma. They especially like the following conditions of life: 
• poor ventilation
• dust
• High degree of humidity around 60% to 80%
• high temperatures- above 22 ° C

• polluted air
• Humidity in the current environment (eg. human sweat, wet rooms)
Mites are quickly multiplied, and several thousand of mites are present in only 1 g of dust. Dust mite allergens are found in their muscles and faeces, all of them invisible to the human eye. Dried faeces are inhaled and in this way the body becomes progressively sensitive to it.
Alergen Contra nano capsules contain solid polymer core with a biologically active substance. Alergen Contra when applied on the surface continuously releases the active substance for an 

extended period, and the polymer cores blocks mites and thus stops and controls their spreading in the environment. The advantages of using this technology to reducing allergens:
1. to effectively destroy the development phase formation of house dust mites – the main cause of this type of allergy
2. easier removal of main allergens.
3. blocking mites in one place, without smudging the sprayed surface
4. longer period of effective action, 3 to 6 months.


It efficiently destroys all developing phases of dust mites, and it makes it possible to use the treated surface within an hour.


Ima produženo razdoblje učinkovitog djelovanja do 6 mjeseci nakon nanošenja.


It is perfectly harmless to the man, and it does not smudge on the surface applied to.

~ The doctor’s word ~

The immune system protects the human body from disease. This system activates, only when necessary, certain substances in the body to fight off that disease. In allergic people, immune system recognizes some of the factors that are normally not harmful to the body such as faeces and dust mites, and it tries to protect itself from them. As a result of the defense mechanisms, antibodies form, and subsequently, release histamine that causes an allergic reaction with 

all its symptoms (cough, runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, asthma). 
Allergy to dust mites results in allergic rhinitis or asthma. In the recent years one third of adults with atopic dermatitis has had an allergy to dust mites. This should be taken into account when we talk about prevention. If the sensitivity to the mites is intensive, successful treatment may lie in the special form of immunotherapy.

~ Who is It for? ~

Allergen Contra is intended for people who are suffering from asthma or atopic dermatitis. Furthermore, it is intended for those who are allergic to house dust mites or the presence and entering of pollen, ragweed and other allergens from the environment into the living space.

Employees in companies
Furthermore Alergen Contra is intended to those employers who in their workspaces want to enable stable working conditions for all employees who are allergic to house dust mites, and by treating the carpet, chairs, curtains and seating furniture reduce the negative impact of dust mites and allergens in their airways. Furthermore, it is used in companies that continuously maintain the cleanliness and hygiene on a daily basis, or that have certain places that are inaccessible, creating in turn new sources of allergens.

Healthy persons and preventive suppression of allergen
It is certainly required as a preventive action and a way of preventing allergic reactions to occur in the future for those who are not allergic to house dust mites and other allergens to keep the hygiene of the beds, curtains, carpets.

Babies and children
Protection of beds or children environments with already mentioned Allergen Contra has positive effects on suppression and neutralization of house dust mites on soft toys that are an integral part of every child’s day as they grow up over the years.