Production and logistics

Production and logistics

Beside the fact that our processes of production, warehousing and logistics comply with international standards, they are at the same time digitized, automated and on a high technical-technological level, using the most modern technologies in daily activities.

Production and technologies

Nasal sprays manufacturing process
Our products are made through several key phases of the production process: analysis, production, bottling and packaging. The process begins in the laboratory phase by analysis of all components. Production and bottling are merged into a single process, which takes place in a sterile environment of Clean Rooms, using an innovative way of bottling and packaging; a bag with a valve within a barrier system of tin cans (BOV – bag-on-valve technology). The production line, where saline solution Sal Maris is produced, uses the latest technological advances i.e. fillers with rollers for straightening and bending surfaces and automated filling of products in tin containers using bags with valve. The manufacturing process of Sal Maris – isotonic nasal spray, takes place in conditions that meet defined standards and the requirements of ISO 13485:2012. Furthermore, the manufacturing process meets the stringent requirements for product quality as defined by the requirements for CE marking according to European directive MDD 93/42 EEC. In addition to meeting the above requirements for the product, the established technology and production process of Sal Maris, meets ESD and EX-standards, i.e. the requirements of filling flammable products.

Filling and Packaging

The Bag-on-Valve-Technology (BOV) assumes modernly packaged superior method of applying the solution that improves and enhances the properties of the products and their application. 

Compared not only to the traditional way of applying the solution, but also to other modes of alternative packaging, BOV has several benefits for producers, consumers and the environment, as follows:
- it enables 100% emptying of bottles and utilization of products
- a longer shelf life than other ways of packaging
- controlled spraying regardless of the angle of application
- does not require priming
- packaging is fully recyclable
- suitable for liquid and viscous products
- enables 100% sterility
- it complies with the requirements of environmental protection and eco-friendly air protection

The process of logistics (warehousing and transportation)

The process of warehousing our products complies with EU directives and Croatian regulations, while respecting the principles of good storage practice and good practices in the distribution of medical products. The storage space of our products meets the required conditions. All warehousing activities that have an impact on product quality, are prescribed by procedures and work instructions and are an integral part of the quality management system according to ISO 13485:2012, as well as the requirements of the Directive MDD 93/42 EEC. Thanks to a high organizational level, digitization of business, with the support of modern information and communication solutions, new modernly equipped storage areas; we have ensured the maintenance of product quality. The maintenance of Sal Maris products during warehousing and transport enables a digitized 24-hour on-line monitoring of key parameters that affect the maintenance of the declared level of product quality.
The process of transporting our products from the warehouse to the customer enables the shortest possible time of delivery according to our customers' clearly defined product requirements, to locations in Croatia and abroad. The entire transport process is digitized, managed and controlled online. Sal Maris solutions are transported in vehicles in the regime of monitoring key parameters, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with an established on-line monitoring system and information available around the clock on previous and current status of the parameters.