Amore Relax

Amore Relax

refresh the body and soul with rich scents of natural essential oils

Sal maris

Improve your general health

Hydrotherapy is the basis for the use of this product. The combination of cold water showers and baths in warm to hot waterimproves overall health and leads to a better circulation on its own. A warm bath with sea salts of Nin, Amore Relax is aimed for refreshment of body and soul with the rich scents of natural essential oils in scents of rosemary, lavender, orange, pine, lemon, rose, and the scent of the sea. Rosemary is appreciated from ancient times as a medicinal herb. There are records that it was used by the Greeks and Romans who called it “sea dew” and dedicated to Aphrodite, goddess of love. With salt in the scent of the sea there are scents of rosemary, lavender, roses, orange and lemon.

Rosemary – scented bath salt

Rosemary spread a pleasant and intoxicating aromatic odors, which mixed with natural Nin salt, invigorates the body and mind. In bath it relaxes, calms anxiety, affects blood circulation, relieves inflammation of the skin, muscle pain, joint swelling, refreshes, strengthens after a serious illness, it eliminates fatigue and weakness.

Lavender – scented bath salt

Lavender has been historically appreciated because of its calming effect on the human body. A proof for this is that the ancient Romans used it in their fragrant baths. When combined with salt, then “the magic” becomes even greater. Nin scented salt with lavender refreshes, relaxes and reduces psychological difficulties. It is especially useful for rheumatic pains in the muscles, and also eliminates the itching and frostbite. Give your skin tenderness, softness and appeal by using scented bath salt.

Rose – scented bath salt

In combination with the Nin sea salt provides moments of enjoyment and relaxation of the whole body in a way that works on every muscle, nerve, destroyed, vessel. Lowers blood pressure, strengthens the body and makes the skin beautiful, solid and attractive. The smell of love, longing, blink in the soul are just some of the closest description of Nin scented salt enriched with rose.

Orange – scented bath salt

Fragrant orange salt feeds, restores and softens rough skin and alleviates the consequences of all types of allergies that can occur throughout the whole body, reduces swelling of various types, reduces fatigue, exhaustion, feelings of anxiety, nervousness. The skin appears younger, velvety, soft, smooth, soft and shiny. Power of the health, smell of the south and the beauty of the sunset. It is a fragrant orange salt.

Lemon – scented bath salt

Lemons were used as medicine by Indians who called it the cure for all diseases, and at the court of Louis XIV it had been used by a noblewoman for a beautiful look of their lips. Connected with sea salt it has antiseptic, bactericidal and refreshing properties as it reduces fatigue and restores concentration. It narrows blood vessels and pores, reducing the problems of veins and capillaries. It is also good for acne and pimples, normalization of greasy skin which becomes firmer, silky and smooth.

~ Why use Amore Relax ~

If you are tired or tensed, in such circumstances you usually selects a warm bath and sea salt Amore Relax. The baths are a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, and if you decide to make these bath salts with essential oils of mandarin and natural lavender – you will get an excellent tool to relax and raise energy after a long day.
In addition, bath salt Amore Relax combined with a cold water shower has a detoxifying effect, relaxing tense muscles and acting therapeutically. Amore Relax sea salt affects metabolism in a remarkable way, and it improves skin condition (often used in dermatological problems), magnesium sulphate or epsorn salt relaxes our muscles, and the Adriatic Sea salt is known for its beneficial effects.
Essential oil of red mandarin is named “Oil of Children’s Joy” because of its positive effect on mood, and Lavender complements its soothing and spasmolytic action. Lemon uplifts our mood, it has a positive effect on stress and anxiety, and it has a detoxifying effect.


Amore Relax bath combined with cold water showers has a detoxifying effect, it relaxes tense muscles and it has a therapeutic effect.


Autochthonous clean salt and aromatic plants have a synergetic and beneficial influence on health.


Amore Relax has an extremely positive effect on the exchange of substances in the organism and it improves the condition of the skin. 

~ The doctor’s word ~

The benefits of sea salt hydrotherapy
Cold water has a stimulating effect, and warm water relaxes us. They commonly act as a pump that drives blood. Blood circulation helps with different cures. When the process is repeated several times, tissues and organs heal. The best way to increase blood circulation in the body is with the help of hot and cold water. Indeed, different studies have shown that in this way the body is detoxified, as more blood passes through the liver and through the kidneys. The action of hot water leads to relaxation; blood flows to the surface of the skin and penetrates deep within bone tissue and nerves themselves. Due to this cold-hot water effect, the blood leaves the skin’s surface and rapidly goes to internal organs, increasing their circulation and detoxification. As cold water narrows surface capillaries in our body, which had previously been extended by the action of hot water, it leads to displacement and release of toxic and harmful substances from our body. Thanks to cold water, toxins are drawn through the skin as our largest organ and system for purification. Using the influence of these methods, the kidneys and liver work much faster and more effectively. Simply put, the whole body is in a ‘turbo state’ of body fluids flowing and its purification, by constantly attacking the affected areas by inflow of healthy and fresh blood that is enriched with healing elements. When we speak about Kowlanatur hydrotherapy sea salt, we are not only talking about pleasant baths that are used to relax the tired and tense, but also healthy people. Here we are, in addition, talking about a combination of relaxation in a warm scented bath and several showers with cold water, the temperatures being adjusted to the age of the person, and some existing diseases. In this way, when using Amore Relax bath scented salts, and taking a shower with cold water, one influences on the increase inspeed and effectiveness of cells of the immune system that attack the problematic tissue and resolve the problem. This method represents the strongest way of raising the general state of immunity and cleansing the organism, and it can speed up the movement of white blood cells up to 64 times. Of course that hydrotherapy alone and alternation of hot and cold water have a positive effect on immunity. When doing the same with sea salt, then we talk about that part of hydrotherapy in which we lay in a warm scented bath, and this phase offers a number of additional benefits to improve the symptoms of a number of diseases and disorders. Hydrotherapy with sea salt has a therapeutic effect and a positive effect on metabolism in the body. Furthermore, it improves the skin’s condition (often used in dermatological problems), especially magnesium sulphate, and it has a beneficial effect on the relaxation of all our muscles. It makes the whole process of hydrotherapy attractive and pleasant, beside muscle relaxation, and detoxification of the body.
Hydrotherapy, beside helping to strengthen the immune system and detoxification of the body, improves circulation, air flow, glucose and other nutrients rich in building constituent nutrients. It helps reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions caused by weakened immune system, especially i when a person has an allergy and the immune system overreacts and tries to protect the organism from otherwise non-hazardous substances that surround us. The defense system of people who are not allergic remembers allergens as a normal matter, and does nothing when it encounters them. In allergic individuals the defense system reacts as if there was an infection, resulting in symptoms developing.

~ Who is it for? ~

It is intended for people who continuously use hydrotherapy to reduce large amounts of stress and those who use hydrotherapy to prevent various diseases or when it is an integral part of supportive therapy for patients. It helps those who perform tasks which have large oscillations in continuous cyclical needs to regenerate the body after extreme exertion (professional athletes).