Sal Maris

Sal Maris

The flower of salt for daily nasal hygiene and to ease breathing difficulties

Sal maris

Sal Maris - isotonic and hypertonic solution of sea salt

All Sal Maris solutions are produced from the flower of salt and have equal application to adults and babies, children, pregnant women, athletes, industrial workers. At this point considering the specific requirements of individual customer segments, we offer several varieties and sub-varieties of products for different customer segments within Sal Maris program. As well as being embedded in isotonic nasal spray, Sal Maris flower of salt is used for inhalation, regulation of digestion, it relieves symptoms in menopause and during the menstrual cycle, it refreshes the body and sooths tension, for people suffering from a lack of calcium and magnesium.

~ Why use Sal Maris ~

At the global level, the benefits of sea water and sea salt have already been demonstrated in a large number of scientific papers. But the key 5 reasons as to why solve the above mentioned problems precisely with Sal Maris isotonic and / or  hypertonic solutions of sea water and sea salt, lie in the fact that our company uses:

sea water and salt from the Adriatic Sea that due to its geographical position has a “unique” impact of plant life on salt quality in the sea through the water, and out of the sea through the air
solution of sea water and sea salt produced from the best kind of salt – 'flower of salt'

flower of salt that is “collected” purely in a traditional manner and within the ecological standards of production process
the production process in which the solution is analyzed, filled and packed, includes the most modern manufacturing technology and equipment

product maintenance, during warehousing and transportation, which includes a 24-hour-online supervision of key parameters that have an impact on the perseverance of the product's declared quality levels


Sal Maris is produced using the highest quality salt in a traditional way –flower of salt, abiding by our standards of ecological manufacturing.


Bag-on-Valve technology enables a simple use both for children and adults


Sal Maris does not contain preservatives nor does it cause any addiction

~ The Doctor's Word ~

Nasal sprays with sea salt packaged in this technology, relieve symptoms of acute and chronic rhino sinusitis, relieves symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infections, facilitating the removal of mucus and bark in the nasal cavity, prepare and clean the nasal cavity before applying the medication. Cleaning the nose with a solution of salt, prevents any infection and restores / retains a pleasant feeling. In big fluctuations between the outside heat and into getting air-conditioned spaces, isotonic and hypertonic solution of sea water and sea salt, prevents sneezing. Also prior to the introduction of medicaments, it cleans the nose, enabling them to be more potent. Sea salt solution has a positive impact on those who are allergic to ragweed, pollen, house dust. For many years, sea water has been the subject of scientific medical research, due to the long-recognized aid in the treatment of many chronic and acute diseases, in the form of wave therapy and for the treatment of sinus disease and diseases of the upper respiratory system via seawater aerosol inhalation. Scientific studies have shown that the inhalation of hypertonic or isotonic salt solution is beneficial for the treatment of chronic sinusitis and nasal mucosa. Furthermore, there is a marked impact on reducing the symptoms related to the nose and nasal sinuses, cold and flu. It was also shown that it decreases occurrence of repeated symptoms related to the nose and sinuses, once recovered from colds and flu. It has been shown that the inhalation of aerosol made of physiological sea water solution has a beneficial effect on the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa), reducing the need for additional drugs and thereby reducing the side effects, and further contributing to reducing health care costs. Sterile isotonic saline aerosol or hypertonic dilution of sea water aerosol can have multiple benefits for chronic or acute diseases of the nose and nasal sinuses.

 Using an aerosol spray, the nasal mucosa can be successfully cleaned of particles such as dust and different potential allergens. In addition to mechanical cleaning, isotonic or hypertonic salt dilution can help in reducing symptoms of nasal congestion occurring due to the secretion of inflamed sinus mucosa, and inability to discharge the physiological sinus sections. Due to the above beneficial effects on the nasal mucosa, the composition of sterile isotonic saline aerosols or hypertonic solution aerosols can find use in reducing the symptoms of chronic or acute allergic rhino sinusitis. The use can be found in the reduction of symptoms during or after acute viral or bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, to reduce the symptoms and for faster recovery after surgery in the nose. It can also be used for the preparation of the nasal mucosa before administration of certain drugs, or simply as a regular hygiene of the nose and the nasal mucosa.

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The main ingredient of SAL MARIS – flower of salt, is highest quality and healthiest type of salt, produced in an ecological and traditional way, with such process dating back to 1500.

~ Who are the customers for our products? ~

Isotonic and hypertonic solutions of salt restore moisture in the nostrils that are irritated by colds or allergies that are dry or irritated by excessive use of nose drops. Salt water and nasal spray also allow cleaning of the nasal cavity of excess mucus, dust, dirt and allergens in the natural environment, in an innocuous and harmless way. Products are formulated as a sterile, isotonic solution of salt and natural sea salt hypertonic (isotonic and hypertonic) and packed in BOV technology.

Sal Maris for adults and special categories of adults

Sal Maris for adults and special categories of adults (athletes, industrial workers, etc.) Various amateur athletes for whom quality breathing and slower signs of fatigue lie at the core of their sporting activities, Sal Maris will help them so that breathing is not a hindrance for recreation, and it will make them feel satisfied. Further, athletes and professionals who often depend on seconds or hundredths of seconds and various factors that can affect their training will not find cleaning their nose with Sal Maris an unnecessary obstacle. Companies in the industrial sector, which particularly care about their employees, will buy Sal Maris for their production workers as one of safety measures, and as a way of reducing the negative impact of dust on workers’ health. Especially when it comes to metal, wood, chemical industry, construction, but also in other industries that use and perform various processes like surface painting, grinding, welding, workers who perform their tasks surrounded with air pollution. Sal Maris isotonic solution of sea salt will help them reduce or minimize the introduction of air pollution and thus accumulation of mucus in the body , by performing some reflex rinsing of the nose, during or after working hours. Additionally, Sal Maris will increase the quality of the working environment in manufacturing plants, and consequently their motivation and efficiency in performing daily tasks.

Sal Maris for babies and children

Aerosol sterile salt isotonic or hypertonic solution of sea water can have multiple benefits in chronic or acute diseases of infants and children, in the area of the nose and nasal sinuses. By using aerosol spray, the nasal mucous membrane of infants and children can be successfully cleaned of particles such as dust and various potential allergens. In addition to mechanical cleaning, aerosol inhalation, saline solution, Sal Maris will help reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa) in children, due to an increased secretion of inflamed sinus mucosa and inability to discharge the physiological sinus sections. In this way, Sal Maris reduces side effects and contributes to reducing health care costs.