Концепция деятельности

Business concept

The formula of our business model is a fusion of Dalmatian tradition, products and natural ingredients, digitized manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, innovative development, sales and promotion, as well as doing business through local, national and global strategic alliances.

Vision 2022

Kowlanatur is made of natural, ecological and autochthonous raw materials from Dalmatia, that are sold in more than 20 countries in the world. We are continuously strengthening our position by globalization of our business, as well as strengthening our long-term partnerships in the “core” processes of the company: acquisition, development, control, sales, promotion and production processes, logistics, warehousing and distribution.


By using natural materials that are a part of the Adriatic Sea, slands and hinterland, with traditional recipes and the most modern achievements in the realm of production technology, we create natural products that help people be healthier. Our products do not cause adverse effects or addiction. Our overall actions and our decisions are led by a strong desire to preserve and promote a centuries old local tradition of treatment, knowledge and purity of the Adriatic Sea and islands in the parts of the world where we operate and transfer the same to the upcoming generations. We operate only in parts of the world where we have estimated that we can make a significant contribution, and we believe that we can be successful if we are focused on few projects. All of this gives our company purpose, significance and vitality.


We cherish the values that spring from the original, natural, traditional, local and simple. Everything we do has a blend of tradition and ecologically “clean” raw materials, and production with cutting-edge technologies. We encourage networking of diversity, but we also appreciate independence and autonomy. We care about the employees, and we expect from them to care about the company and associates, in return. We strive to incorporate all of the above into our products and thus we promote local values and customs of the global markets. It is more than just a philosophy, it is a commitment that drives us and affects our important decisions and concrete actions. In line with our vision, mission, goals and values, we will steer the efforts of the employees towards a continuous improvement and engage and encourage their talents and passion for innovation and incessant improvements.

Strategic objectives

Continual growth of sales based on the opening of new export markets

Development of new products based on customer specific requirements, original local raw materials and global networking of local diversity

Focus on our own efficient processes where we come best in added value, and focus on partners in the processes where they come off as the most efficient

Proactively creating and setting up new strategic alliances

Constant investment in the employees and new technologies

Constant implementation of the latest approaches in quality management system

The Employees

The employees are the key to success of our company, as well as the cornerstone of achieving our vision, mission and goals. The main criteria used in assessing the employees are knowledge, passion, attitude towards work and willingness to learn. We like to think of us as a young company with established and market renowned employees. The structure of employees today gives us the right to claim that we are, on the one hand flexible young people prone to new challenges, and on the other we are 'old stagers', experienced with the skills and competencies competitive in global markets.

Research and development

Research and development stands out as one of the key factors to success of our company. We provoke different approaches and usage of different kinds of knowledge in research and development, their networking and connectivity. Therefore we are establishing strategic cooperation with several research institutions, companies and individuals, Croatian and foreign, which represents one of the key pillars in achieving strategic goals, vision and mission of our company.

Strategic alliances

Significant efforts are made in the construction of various types of partnerships at different levels. We are fully aware that today’s globalized business conditions have completely changed the way of doing business. Competitive matches are not run between individual companies, but between strategic alliances. These facts significantly affect our ongoing strategy within strategic alliances at the local, regional, national, EU and global level. We possess the knowledge and skills in creating and
managing strategic alliances, which enables us to take a proactive role in their creation where they do not exist, or where they are not formalized or recognized as such, but also linking those alliances that have already been formed.


Markets (open, in the process of opening, medium-term aimed).
At present we are focused on the countries of Southeastern Europe. We began the process of opening global markets excluding the EU countries by establishing strategic alliances and long-standing contractual cooperation with companies from eight global regions. Hence, we have intensively begun the process of internationalization of business and sales of SAL MARIS as a global brand.